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‘Labele julga tamba tempu atu tesi lia seidauk too’. 1 Korintu 4:5

Julga nee hanesan ita dada I is-ida nee mai natural.  Dalaruma kritika aat sira nee mai husi ema Kristaun sira nebee mak uza Eskritura hanesan sira nia kilat. Karik ita mak ema julga, koko hodi hanoin buat haat nee:

(1)        Hatudu ita nia umilidade. Karik ita sala, konfesa ba Maromak, ba ita nia aan rasik, no ba ema sira nebee apropriadu. Konfesa lori onestidade no halo ita buras iha espiritual (haree iha 1 Joao 1:9)

(2)        Hatene ita nia Biblia. Diabu uza Skritura la tuir nia kontextu hodi koko Nai Jesus, maibe Nai Jesus hatene kontextu nee no nia la monu ba Diabu nia lasu (haree iha Lukas 4:1-13) wainhira ita uza Biblia sai husi ninia kontextu, hanoin didiak Nai Maromak lahatudu liman ba ita. No wainhira Maromak nia liafuan julga ita, labele deziste; la signifika Nai Maromak hirus ita. Nia hadomi ita-hanesan mos ita hadomi ita nia oan sira mezmu sira la halo tuir ita, no uza sira nia asaun hanesan ‘momentu hanorin nian’ hodi dezenvolve sira nia aan. ‘Tanba Nai Maromak koriji ema nebee mak Nia hadomi, I kastigu ema nebee mak Nia konsidera hanesan Nia oan.’ (Ebreu 12:6)

(3)        Labele koko [monu] hodi defende ita nia aan. Ema nebee julga ita laiha interese ba iha faktu-sira somente deit hakarak sente diak hodi halo ita sente ladiak. Hili ita nia luta ho matenek-labele lakon tempu ba buat nebee laimportante. Iha nee Paulo responde ba kritiku sira: ‘Mai hau, imi atu dehan hau atan diak ka ladiak, hau la preokupa.’ (1 Korintu 4:3)

(4)        Nai Maromak lapresija opinion segundu. Karik Nai Maromak ladehan ita sala, labele julga ita nia aan rasik. Tuir Paulo nia ezemplu; ‘Hau rasik mos la julga hau nia aan.’ (1 Korintu 4:3) Karik ita sala, konfesa no ho grasa Nai Maromak nian hadia ida nee. Depois deside hodi halao ita nia moris livre husi kondeminasaun.

Hahan Ba Klamar: 1 Timoteu 4-6, Joao 5:31-47, Salmu 126, Proverbiu 24:10

Leave The Judging To The Judge (1)

‘Judge nothing before the appointed time.’ 1 Corinthians 4:5 NIV

Judging others is like breathing—it comes naturally. And sometimes the worst critics are Christians who use Scripture as their weapon of choice. So if you’re the one being judged, try to remember these four things:

(1) Show humility. If you’re guilty, admit it to God, yourself, and the appropriate others. Confession brings honesty and spiritual growth (see 1 John 1:9).

(2) Know your Bible. Satan took Scriptures out of context to try to trap Jesus, but Jesus knew the context so He didn’t fall for it (see Luke 4:1–13). When the Bible is taken out of context, remember God isn’t aiming at you. And when you’re rightly judged by God’s Word, don’t despair; it doesn’t mean He’s mad at you. He loves you—just as you love your children even when they disobey, and use their actions as ‘teaching moments’ to develop them. ‘The Lord disciplines the one He loves, and… chastens everyone He accepts as His son.’ (Hebrews 12:6 NIV)

(3) Don’t be goaded [driven] into trying to defend yourself. Judgemental people aren’t interested in facts—they just want to feel good by making you feel bad. Pick your battles wisely—don’t waste time on the unimportant. Here’s how Paul responded to his critics: ‘I care very little if I am judged by you or…any human court.’ (1 Corinthians 4:3 NIV)

(4) God doesn’t need a second opinion. If God doesn’t find you guilty, don’t judge yourself. Follow Paul’s example: ‘Indeed, I do not even judge myself.’ (1 Corinthians 4:3 NIV) If you’re wrong, confess it, and by God’s grace correct it. Then make up your mind to live your life free from condemnation.

SoulFood: 1 Tim 4–6, John 5:31–47, Ps 126, Pr 24:10

The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright ©

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