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Ha'u kontente ho vizaun ne'ebé ha'u haree. Ezequiel 8: 4 Kuandu Maromak fó vizaun ida ba imi, ida-ne'e sei troka imi-nia moris. John Sculley, eis-Prezidente Pepsi no CEO komputadór apple nian hatete, sira-nia futuru pertense ba ema sira ne'ebé haree posibilidade molok sira sai klaru. Bíblia hatete katak Maromak bolu ita buat sira-ne'e ne'ebé la iha hanesan sira. (Roma 4: 17) vizaun kona-ba moras ne'ebé kona ita-nia laran, kona ahi-oan iha...

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Bis turismu ida-ne'ebéliuiha fronteira Xina no Koreia Norte nian, iha provínsia Jianeste Xina nian provínsia Jilin, hodi ba Koreia Norte, iha loron 8 fulan-Abril tinan 2019. (AFP). Hafoin surtu Covid-19 akontese iha tinan rua nia laran, Koreia Norte loke fronteira ho...


Ilustrasaun (Foto: Reuters) Tailándia iha Tersa-feira sai hanesan país dahuluk iha Ázia ne'ebé aprova dekriminalizasaun dé facto ganja. Maski nune'e, Estadu la esplika ho klaru kona-ba uza ganja ne'ebé la bele uza ba atividade halimar nian. Ministru Saúde anutin...


Fidelis Magalhães, Ministru Prezidensia Konselu Ministrus (fontes foto:google) Ministru Prezidensia Konselu Ministrus Fidelis Magalhães iha konferensia imprenza iha palacio Guvernu kuarta semana ne’e anunsia ba publiku katak, moras dengue nebe alastra labarik barak...


Diretor-Jeral OMS, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Foto: Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP). Organizasaun Saúde Mundiál  (OMS) hateten surtu Covid-19 bele termina iha tinan ida-ne'e. "Ita bele hakotu Covid-19 nu'udar emerjénsia saúde globál no ita bele halo ida-ne'e iha tinan...

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Living Today

The Secret Place

By: Dr Dan Mo Have you ever wondered where a man can find God and fellowship with Him today? Adam met with God and fellowshipped with Him in the Garden of Eden. Moses met with God and fellowshipped with Him at the tabernacle. David met with God and fellowshipped with...

Self Care is not Selfish

Self Care is important

Feast of Trumpets – What We Learn As Christians

The End of the Age. What emotions does that statement provoke? It can be a controversial subject for God’s people. It’s a Biblical topic that many Christians find difficult to engage with. And there is no shortage of perspectives on how current events relate to...

Do You Really Want to Follow Jesus?

Author: Pastor Greg Laurie Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. Mark 8:34 We adorn our churches with crosses, use them as fashion accessories, and even get into lawsuits over where we can display them. But I...

How to Win Spiritual Battles

By Pastor Greg Laurie They have made God’s law their own, so they will never slip from His path. Psalm 37:31 NIV Have you ever noticed that when the Bible talks about spiritual armour, only one piece is an offensive weapon? This armour includes the belt of truth, the...

Waiting on God

In his series Waiting on God, Pastor Jeff Vines challenges us to wait patiently on God when we don’t know what His will is. Most of us want God to open up the windows of heaven and pour out His blessings on us. But it is usually something specific that we have cried...

Shining Light into a Dark and Desperate World

Dear friends, If you’re old enough you may remember the Beatles’ hit song in the 60’s called “Help”. John Farnham also did an impassioned version of it in the early 80’s. And if a modern day artist were to record it, I suspect it could become an anthem once again,...

Trusting God in the hard times

Trusting God | Matt's story “I will turn their mourning into joy. I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing.” - Jer 31:13 God doesn’t promise that life will be easy, but He does promise that He’ll carry us through it and that His plans for us are...

A Prayer for Troubled Times

Need some encouragement today? Read and meditate on these words and pray them to our Lord. Let nothing disturb you Let nothing frighten you Those who cling to God will lack nothing Let nothing disturb you Let nothing frighten you God alone is enough! Amen “Trust in...

Making Peace with Unfulfilled Dreams

As a kid, you had big hopes and dreams for your life. And then, reality set it. In this Focus on the Family video Chrystal Evans Hurst shares how she had to place her aspirations aside first, as a teenage single mother, then again later in life when she became the...

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Ha'u kontente ho vizaun ne'ebé ha'u haree. Ezequiel 8: 4 Kuandu Maromak fó vizaun ida ba imi, ida-ne'e sei troka imi-nia moris. John Sculley, eis-Prezidente Pepsi no CEO komputadór apple nian hatete, sira-nia futuru pertense ba ema sira ne'ebé haree posibilidade molok sira sai klaru. Bíblia hatete katak Maromak bolu ita buat sira-ne'e ne'ebé la iha hanesan sira. (Roma 4: 17) vizaun kona-ba moras...

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Iha lor, in 12 Maret 2020Iha ouvinte ida ho naran Amori husi Municipio Aileu,husu orasaun iha programasaun Voz Crista iha tempu kalan, asuntu orasaun konaba nia moras.

Liutiha loron hirak tuir mai, iha loron 16 Maret 2020, ouvinte ho naran Amori husi Aileu liga fila fali ON AIR iha Programasaun hanesan, Voz Cristan hodi agradese  ba Maromak tamba nia hetan kura ona husi moras ne’ebe mak nia iha (Hds)

Iha kalan ne’ebe hanesan, Dia 12 Maret 2020, iha programasaun Voz Cristan ouvinte ida seluk ne’ebe ho naran Jose Teme husi Atauro, husu orasaun ba nia oan nain rua ne’ebe sente tauk hela deit tamba sira foin lakon sira nia maun bot iha tempu balu ba kotuk (Mate), tan ne’e, aman ida ne’e mai ho nia pedidu orasaun ba nia oan sira.

Liu tiha loron hira nia laran, too iha Dia 16 Maret 2020, Senhor Jose Teme Telephone fali hodi fo gracas ba Aman Maromak tamba liuhsi orasaun iha momento ne’eba too loron hira nia laran, nia oan sira komesa rekopera fali ona, komesa la sente tan ona tauk (Hds)

Ovintes foun ida naran Merry Belina hela iha Delta 3, foin rona iha fulan 2 liu ba. Nia senti haksolok ho Radio Voz ho sharing / Refleksaun Maromak Nia Liafuan. Nia hatoo Obrigado barak ba team Radio Voz tamba bele sharing Maromak Nia Liafuan iha media ida nee. (Rr)


Ovintes ida naran Jaimitu nia sobre moras iha nia kakorok no inus ran no nia moras iha parte seluk (Moras mane nian ). Nia kontakto ON AIR bebeik iha Radio Voz iha programa nebe Rio lori. No ami halo orasaun kontinuamente too nia hetan kura duni husi Maromak. Nia hatoo Obrigado ba Maromak no team Radio Voz atas nama Rio. (Rr)


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